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Shaliza Bacchus loves being on air, sharing time with listeners and it shows. Her midday show
(Monday to Friday 10am to 2pm) is full of energy, information and tailored to keep people moving
through their busy day. Whether it is what is trending, the latest news or weather and traffic, Shaliza
is there to keep listeners informed and entertained. On Sundays (8a to 5pm), Shaliza shifts gears
slightly to put some more fun into the last day of the weekend. With new artist interviews and a look
towards what is coming up, she brings audience up to speed with what they want and need to know
to start their week. Shaliza is a hometown girl for sure. Her enthusiasm for Toronto sports teams,
the Raptors in particular, and her appreciation for all things Drake is unwavering.

Shaliza Bacchus - Team Member