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Volunteer Week 2021

360ºkids began over 30 years ago as two separate agencies that were developed to address the needs of the communities of York Region. The Markham Neighbourhood Support Centre was created to respond to the needs of young families with children who sought support and ways to learn about childrearing. Youth Housing Markham provided safe and supportive housing for youth who could no longer live at home. 360ºkids now serves over 3,500 youth, each year from every municipality in York and this number has grown significantly since our move to the Richmond Hill Hub operating the youth hub and offering even more essential services to youth.

Wesley Turtlebury has been a driving force behind The 360°kids Youth Ambassador Program since its inception.  As a high school student, Wesley got involved in the program to help raise awareness of 360°kids programs among his peers and also to help with fundraising.  Wesley has become one of the key leaders of the Youth Ambassador program and a role model for all youth. 360 kids salutes Wesley.

The Alzheimer Society of York Region has been a leader in actively supporting individuals and families coping with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias since 1985. We serve people with dementia and their caregivers with programs and services that address the disease, provide unique DAY care experiences, and support families with meaningful, practical advice and counsel.  We have a proven record of working collaboratively and in partnership with different agencies within the Region of York.  As a result, the Alzheimer Society of York Region is now connected to all nine cognitively impaired D.A.Y. programs within the Region of York.

The Alzheimer’s society of York Region wants to thank Lawrence Gelberg for his unfailing support and guidance over the past few years. Lawrence uses his first-hand experience as a former caregiver and skills as a professional chartered accountant to assist clients with tax and legal issues. In addition to fundraising he continues to give back in countless other ways. Thank you Lawrence for being a true example of community spirit.

Big Brothers of York became incorporated in December 1970 with the mandate of providing boys from absent father homes with mentors by matching them with Big Brothers. Today, Big Brothers Big Sisters of York (BBBSY) provides various mentoring programs and free activities to children and youth throughout York Region and Bradford West Gwillimbury. These positive mentoring programs help children and youth build the confidence to achieve more, assisting them in reaching their full potential and grow into adults who will contribute positively to society.

The compassion Neil Haggarty shows to the clients and staff of Big Brothers and Big Sisters of York is an inspiration for all of us.  Not only was he an incredible Big Brother but the BBBSY office also receives IT and office support from Neil. Since 1997, his efforts have been making a difference in the community. Thank you Neil from everyone at Big Brothers Big Sisters York.

Since 1982, Blue Door, a not-for-profit registered charitable agency governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, has been an integral part of our community providing emergency housing for the homeless population of York Region. As the region has grown, so too have the services of our organization. Initiated as a shelter for single men, Blue Door has expanded to include emergency housing programs for families and youth.

Marj Andre is a leader in York Region and a fierce community champion who volunteers her time to support many organizations and causes. Marj’s countless hours of volunteering and leadership helped the Richmond Hill 2021 Coldest Night of the Year to raise over $165,000. Simply put, Marj’s volunteering has helped to save the lives of children, men, women, and families experiencing homelessness here in our York Region community.  Thank you Marj from Blue Door Shelters.

Barb Latour, Blue Door Services accepting on behalf of Volunteer Marj Andre.

CAYR* Community Connections was originally founded as the AIDS Committee of York Region in 1993 and formally incorporated as a registered charitable organization in 1996. Our mission and vision is to create safe, confidential, and inclusive spaces and services in York Region where people can access dignified support and meaningfully engage in self-determined pathways to well-being. We envision an informed, healthy, stigma-free and compassionate community.

CAYR Community Connections thanks Beverley Flemming. Beverley has been representing the organization at the Bingo Hall for quite some time, acting as an ambassador. Her commitment to this role has helped CAYR Community Connections increase its awareness in the community and raise much needed funds. Thank you Beverley for being a great community leader.

Founded in 1918, the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) is the most established, most extensive community mental health organization in Canada. Through a presence in more than 330 communities across every province and one territory, CMHA provides advocacy, programs and resources that help to prevent mental health problems and illnesses, support recovery and resilience, and enable all Canadians to flourish and thrive. With an office in Aurora, the CMHA provides locally accessible programs and support for everyone struggling with any form of mental health challenges. York Region Branch – CMHA National

Joanna Ross is engaged and interested in giving of her valuable time and gifts generously in order to make communities a better place. Recently she took on a project which included calling volunteers to discuss some very “personal” challenges and wins and ultimately why they volunteer. From this she used her excellent communication skills to write their beautiful, unique stories. Joanna truly deserves this award as she is a positive, passionate, enthusiastic and brave individual.

Launched in 1980, CHATS is a not-for-profit charitable organization that enhances the health, wellness, and independence of more than 8,300 York Region and South Simcoe seniors and caregivers each year. As a not-for-profit charitable organization, CHATS depends on the generosity of valued donors. Although CHATS is partially funded by the Central Local Health Integration Network, Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, and the United Way of Toronto & York Region.

Bia Sherrard is a dedicated volunteer for CHATS, she strives for excellence in her work, and goes out of her way to enhance the lives of seniors. Bia has been dedicated during the COVID-19 pandemic to bring joy and essential meals to our clients. Bia is hard working, caring, and never fails to put a smile on the faces of her clients.  Thank you Bia from all of us.

In April 2014, Evergreen Hospice of Markham Stouffville and Hospice Thornhill, organizations that had both served their communities for more than 25 years, joined to become one stronger agency serving all three communities: Markham, Stouffville and Thornhill. Evergreen provides community based supportive programs to individuals and their families in Markham, Stouffville, and Thornhill, who are living with life-threatening illness or coping with the death of a loved one. Services are provided free of charge and are specifically designed to meet the needs of children, teens, and adults.

For the past 25 years, Hayward Hann has been facilitating Evergreen’s bereavement groups and supporting individual clients through their darkest moments. His compassion and his ability to create a safe and supportive space for those who are grieving, empowers them to find their own way on their grief journey.  Because of Covid 19, he started calling clients and helped Evergreen pivot our groups to an online setting.

The Food Bank of York Region is dedicated to alleviating food insecurity and hunger in York region. They serve as the official food collection and distribution hub for the region, providing perishable and non-perishable food to food pantries, shelters, social service agencies and non-profit housing cooperatives. Seniors with dwindling incomes, single parents, homeless and unemployed people in our community who can’t make ends meet struggle with food insecurity. This grassroot, community-led organization works tirelessly to bridge the gap caused by poverty and low incomes. FBYR – Portal

The Food Bank of York Region wants to give a cheer to Francis De Rose. Francis was really dedicated to our cause during the early days of the pandemic when it was most chaotic. He stepped up and volunteered and made a commitment to our organization for as long as he could. During his time at the food bank, he went above and beyond showing true leadership. Thank you Francis for stepping up when your community needed it the most.

Food Bank of York Region – accepting on behalf of Volunteer Frankie De Rose … (left) Christina Hall, Administrator & Social Media Assistant and (right) Sarah Smith, Administrator, Communications & Community Relations.

Devoted to helping our residents live fully until they die, Hospice Vaughan is opening the door to a better future. We are building a state of the art facilty that will include a 10-bed residential hospice, family support and bereavement services, visiting hospice services and facilities to conduct research and educate health care professionals on palliative care best practices.

Robert Corridore has given well over 10,000 volunteer hours to Hospice Vaughan and is most notable for his ongoing work as chair for their new hospice facility that is opening this spring. Robert’s dedication and continuous passion for the community care is in evidence in everything he does and the time he spends making the community better for us all. Thank you Rob for giving back.

Inn From The Cold meets the needs of people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. We work with the community and collaborate with our partners in supporting those with basic to complex needs in York Region.

Inn from the cold wants to recognize Cullen Spence for his generosity of time and spirit. Cullen can always be counted on to not only work his regularly scheduled shifts but to also step up at the last second when needed. His commitment to the Inn From the Cold and his desire to help their clients continues to be a huge asset to their team and our community. Thank you Cullen.

For the past almost 50 years, the mission of Participation House, Markham is to be a leader in enhancing the quality of life of individuals with disabilities through a continuum of services designed to reflect individualized approaches, community involvement and a respect for human dignity. Operating several group homes designed to provide various levels of care from assisted independent living to fully supported care, Participation Markham strives to be flexible, accountable, innovative and compassionate in responding to the needs of the individuals and their families supported by their organization.

Madelene Levy has been an integral part of the services at Participation House Markham for the past several decades and has been a part of the school team for both Community clients and residents. Madelene is dedicated to creating the best possible atmosphere for the clients and residents. She is a prime example of what it means to be someone who is self-less and one who desires to make a difference.

Shine Through The Rain does many things but all in the service of one goal. That goal is to help those who are affected by life threatening illnesses. Whether it’s through services or funds, we provide guidance, support, and financial aid to those in need. We help adults, children, and families find the silver lining. When things seem gloomy and you’re being rained on, we’re here to help you shine through it.

Kudos to Ella Eum from The Shine Thru the Rain Foundation. They can count on her to always be ready and happy to help. Ella has a positive attitude, is trustworthy, and seems to know just what is needed and when. She is great at following through on her assignments, works well with clients and staff. For all these reasons, we say thank you to Ella for being an inspiration.

York Support Services Network is a community-based agency that offers a range of case management and community crisis services, to support individuals with a developmental disability and/or a serious mental illness. YSSN also provides services within the Children’s Services Sector, offering Children’s Case Coordination.

Josie Rose, York Support Service Network thanks you for being a dedicated, caring, and overall amazing volunteer. Josie’s volunteer work includes raising awareness for those impacted by homelessness co-chairing the York Region Police Community Advisory Council and she is one of the co-founders of the Affordable Housing Coalition of York Region. Josie is an inspiration to everyone at YSSN and the York Region community through many years of volunteer service!