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Random Acts of Christmas – Full Contest Details

Random Acts of Christmas Rules, Regulations and FAQ’s

Who can make a nomination?

Anyone can nominate someone, a family or organization as a recipient of a Random Act of Christmas as long as you know the legal name, address, phone number and email, if available. plus what it is the nominee needs.

Who can be nominated?

Only residents of York Region are eligible to be a recipient of a Random Act of Christmas.  If under 18 years of age, a legal guardian must agree to having the Random Act of Christmas provided.

What qualifies someone to be nominated?

It can be anyone, any family or organization that has an identifiable need.  The purpose of the initiative is to help people who are in need during the holiday season.

How will the recipients be selected?

A committee composed of five people that include the GM, the Station Manager, Promotions Director, Office Administrator and a Social Worker from York Region will make the initial selections. York Regional Police Association will have final approval.

How will the needs of a person be validated?

We will contact a short-list of nominees to have a discussion. Using our best judgement and working within our budget, we will allocate all funds provided.  No formal investigation will be conducted and there will be no involvement of York Regional Police Association in verifying eligibility.

Can I remain anonymous?

You can but if you would like credit for being the person who paid it forward we will make it known that you nominated someone.

Can the person I nominate remain anonymous?

Yes they can and you can choose this for them.  Or we can tell their story and capture the moment that they received the Random Act of Christmas.

How much can I ask for?

As much as is needed to ensure that the someone or family being nominated has a better holiday than they otherwise would. We do have a budget so maybe some but not all of what you ask for will be provided to them.

When can I make the nomination?

Starting November 12thyou can nominate online by going to Look for the Random Acts of Christmas banner. Nominations close December 9th.

How will the nominee receive their Random Act of Christmas?

Once the selection has been made we will be reaching out to successful nominees to determine their schedule. A time will be set up and a member of the YRPA plus Rob on the Road or John our Promotions Director will be delivering the gifts. Legal ID is necessary to claim the Random Acts.

When will the nominee receive their Random Act of Christmas?

Depending on the successful nominee’s availability, we would like to begin the deliveries the week of December 10thand all will be delivered by December 24th, 2018

Can the gifts be exchanged?

We will provide Random Acts that have been identified in the nomination and confirmed with the recipient. Gifts are therefore not exchangeable and have no cash surrender value.

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