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The Latest Updates from York Region Transit

July 12, 2020 10:07am
We appreciate all the road crews working to keep #YorkRegion roads smooth & safe for travel! 🚧 In this video, crews are applying a microsurfacing treatment that extends the life of the road surface, saves costs & has less impact on the environment than other treatments.  #MoveYR
July 11, 2020 3:51pm
#RiderAlert Route 99 is experiencing a general delay of up to 20 minutes due to construction at 16th-Carrville and resulting traffic delays.
July 11, 2020 3:33pm
#RiderAlert Route 98 1:39 SB trip is delayed 20 minutes due to on-board incident.
July 10, 2020 9:06pm
#RiderAlert Route 80 7:33 EB trip is delayed 20 minutes from Enford Road due to a mechanical issue.
July 10, 2020 3:54pm
#RiderAlert Route 50 2:05 NB trip is delayed 20 minutes delay at Leslie due to construction on Davis Drive.
July 10, 2020 3:43pm
#RiderAlert Route 16 will begin detouring tonight at 7 p.m. until Sunday, July 12 at the end of service due to road construction. Some stops will not be able to be serviced as a result.